Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is the #1 way to reach new users who may not be actively searching for your products or services. Social ads increase brand awareness, create product demand, and drive sales or enquirires. 

My experience includes FacebookInstagram, Linkedin and Twitter as well as new platforms including Snapchat & TikTok. 


I've managed advertising campaigns for big-name brands and now I can bring that experience to your business.

How I can help your social media ads strategy

There are three key componenets to social media ads success; your account setup & structure, your audience targeting, and your creative. 

You may already have social media ads running or be starting from scratch. Either way, I can help you choose the correct channels for your business and create an ad strtaegy that will achieve your business goals.

Account setup & optimisation 

Social media advertising campaigns shouldn't be "set & forget". Ongoing optimisation is crucial to ensure engagement and results from your campaigns are maximised. 

Management includes building an effective campaign structure. As well as ongoing split-testing of audiences, ad copy, and creative assets, so you can be sure campaigns are performing at their optimum. 

Audience targeting

Every campaign needs an audience and if you're unsure exactly who that is, or how to reach them, I can help your create laser-targeted audiences that ensure your campaign budget is spent effectively. 


I use lookalikes of your existing customers, demographic targeting, and online behaviours to reach the users who matter most. . 

Ad copy

I am an experienced copywriter, creating engaging ads to capture your customer's attention and make them take action.


On social media you need your audience to take action, whether that's making an enquiry, buying your product, or simply engaging with your page. Your ad copy will take users on that journey and generate results. 

Creative assets

Arguably the #1 consideration for paid social campaigns is thumb-stopping ad creative. 

I can work with your existing design team or I can source imagery and create assets from scratch to ensure your ads stand out from the crowd. 

Transparent reporting 

Social media advertising can be directly attributed to the action users take once they reach your website. 

I provide monthly reports in an easy-to-use dashboard, as well as regular updates throughout the month. I report on the metrics most important to you, as well as providing a written commentary on performance to answer all your questions. 

Video campaigns

Video is a brilliant method for engaging your audience and generating brand awareness.

I have experience of running campaigns on YouTube, as well as using video on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. I can work with you on standalone video campaigns, or using video as part of an integrated PPC & social media strategy. 



Social Media Advertising


What does social media ads management cost?

I can offer monthly PPC management to suit most budgets, which can include production of creative assets if required. I also create bespoke packages for special requirements or managing multiple accounts. Get in touch to find out more. 

Will I be tied into a contract?

Businesses evolve fast and I know annual contracts can be daunting. Ongoing management contracts start with a minimum 3-month term, then move onto a monthly rolling contract - no long-term commitments. 

Do people actually click on social media ads?

After a decade in the industry I can confirm... yes, they do! It's all about targeting the right audience with the right ad, persuading them to stop what they're doing and pay attention. 

Which social platforms should I advertise on?

Businesses shouldn't aim to be on every social media platform. You need to identify your target audience and ask the question "where do these people spend their time online?". It's better to focus on a couple of social platforms and use them really well than have lots of neglected accounts you can't keep up with.

Still unsure if social media ads are right for your business?

Connect with me to book a free social media advertising consultation.