Google Ads Audits

If you have an existing Google Ads (formerly Adwords) account that isn't generating the results you want, an account audit can help you uncover missed opportunities & areas for optimisation. 

I've audited hundreds of Google Search and Google Shopping accounts (and thousands of campaigns!), helping clients achieve their objectives and stop wasting their marketing budget. 

What does a Google Ads audit include?

Actionable recommendations

Most importantly, my audits include real recommendations that you can action in your account right away. 

I won't just tell you what is wrong in your account, I'll share my suggested approach and exactly what actions you need to take. No wishy-washy theory, just an actionable to-do list to improve your results. 

Bespoke audits based on your goals and concerns

Most Google Ads audits will just be a checklist of best practices to fit any account. While I do include a best practice checklist in your audit, my recommendations are always based on your business goals and concerns. 

Whether you want to make your account more efficient, increase sales or leads, or are worried about wasted spend, my recommendations will help you achieve your specific goals. 

Covering all areas of your account

My approach looks at the 'big picture' of account structure, use of budget, and keyword targeting. But often the devil is in the details.


I'll also audit and feedback on the more detailed aspects of your account, including; bids & bidding strategies, ad copy & extensions, audience & demographic targeting, use of automation, search queries, and much more!

Feedback session & documentation

All of my PPC audits include a screenshare to walk you through the audit findings and ensure you can fully understand the recommendations provided. 

My findings, recommendations, and checklist are all documented. These are yours to keep and refer back to. 

Want to know how your account can reach
it's full potential?

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